About Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is a charming, welcoming and ravishingly beautiful country situated in the Caucasus region.

Its history can be traced back to 4000 B.C. and archeological evidence shows that it is one of the oldest known civilizations. To cite just a few of the arguments: the Areni Archeological Complex hosts the oldest leather shoe in the world; the art of wine-making was invented in these lands.

Its culture is deeply rooted in the Christian philosophy and values. Hayk, presumably a descendent of Noah, is considered the founder and patriarch of Armenia. He is revered for having defeated the Babylonians and established the nation in the legendary Ararat region. Mount Ararat itself is a sacred place for Armenians and it is said that Noah’s Ark landed on the top of this breath-taking mountain. As early as 301 (IV century) A.D., Armenia adopted Christianity as its state religion, becoming the first Christian country in the world.

Many cultural encounters marked the history of Armenia. It was a meeting place of Eastern and Western civilizations. While not always peaceful experiences, the flow of people and ideas brought wisdom from other parts of the world and creativity flourished in Armenia.

At different times in its history, Armenia lost its independence, but never its identity. Perhaps one of the most striking proof of that, from a foreigner’s standpoint, is the Armenian alphabet. It resembles no other and it was developed in the 400s A.D. by scholar Mesrop Mashots. It is still used today.

Armenian cuisine is another testimony of this great culture. It is refined yet simple; it favors the careful selection and quality of ingredients over elaborate preparations. The use of fresh ingredients and wild-harvested delicacies is indispensable for a good Armenian meal.

Dried fruits and nuts are omnipresent and you can find them in every home, artistically packaged and sold in markets, in restaurants and even supermarket chains. Pomegranates and apricots are national symbols and Armenian have a very developed sense of selecting the best varieties.

Armenia is so complex that descriptions can’t do it justice, it must be experienced! Here, at NATUVIUM, we work to bring you a selection of its flavors and a glimpse of its culture.