NATUVIUM’s founder, Mr. Ruben Mkrtchyan is an Armenian-American citizen who has spent over twenty years building bridges, on the cultural and economic level, between his country of birth and his country of adoption.

The idea of setting up a distribution company for Eurasian products came gradually, as Mr. Mkrtchyan became knowledgeable of the U.S. food system. A mathematician by training, Mr. Mkrtchyan has always had a love of nature and a desire to provide the healthiest and tastiest food for his family. He believes that health, of body and spirit, is highly dependent on what you eat. Much before farmers’ markets were in “fashion”, Mr. Mkrtchyan was looking for ways to produce and buy fresh food with taste and story behind it.

Years ago, Mr. Mkrtchyan and his family bought a farm, where they began raising heirloom specialty melons and producing gourmet honey. He was extremely successful and quickly developed a solid customer base. The secret, Mr. Mkrtchyan says, is “to sell your customer the same quality of products that you would dream to feed your family”.

The same principle was put to work when he decided to establish NATUVIUM. Many trips to Armenia over the years served as a reminder that the hidden culinary gems or Armenia are very hard to find outside its borders.

Living in California, Mr. Mkrtchyan experienced first-hand the growing interest in organic, nutrition-packed foods, as well as their relative scarcity and high-prices. This is why he decided to establish a company that would import gourmet products that are hard or impossible to source domestically and offer them at affordable prices.

Armenia is just the first stop, on the exciting journey to bring the best foods to the United States.