About Us

NATUVIUM is a California-based distribution company focused on supplying the highest quality gourmet products to retail stores, restaurants and foodies.

Most of our present offerings come from Armenia. However, we are expanding and gradually incorporating products from other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia.

As our company name suggests (NATUVIUM), we are dedicated to following the “ways of nature”. By that, we mean understanding, respecting and living in harmony with our environment. We are committed to selecting products that:

  • are organically certified or raised with minimal application of pesticides or harvested responsibly in the wild;
  • are minimally processed;
  • contain little or no artificial ingredients.

To us, it is a priority to recognize, honor and reward the communities that produce our delicious foods. This is why we are constantly working with farmers and processing factories to ensure that benefits are divided equitably. Our products do not carry a “fair trade” seal, but we are actively promoting and implementing that model.

Authenticity is important to us: we value traditions and culture and we are happy to share them with our customers. NATUVIUM is proud to bring to light “the story” of each product, following it from the field to the cooking pot to your plate and recognizing the hard work and talent of farmers and chefs.